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You wish to know about me?  I am flattered!

There isn't much to tell, I was born a long time ago.. in a galaxy far... wait.. that's not right.  Let me try this again.

I was born in a small Alberta farm town (that's in Canada for those that have no idea where Alberta is).  My mother instilled the lust for reading at an extremely early age.. to a degree that my twin and I (yes, can you believe there are TWO of me in the world! Shudder!) came back from our first day of Kindergarten (in the days before pre-school early learning) very angry and vowed to never go to school again.  When she asked what had us so upset, we replied "becuase we don't know how to weed yet!" .. the speech impediment so common in twins making us quite adorable.

Well rest assured, she coaxed us to return to school and assured us that we would soon learn to read.  She was correct (which happened FAR too often growing up) and soon we were reading .. and once we started it was almost impossible to stop.  This small town soon grew accustomed to seeing the two of walking home with a huge armful of books.  Every week we would return the books we had read and selected another set.  The librarian, always one to encourage reading, broke the "4 books at a time" rule for us which definitely helped.  Thousands of books later and I am still reading.

And what goes hand in hand with reading.. but writing.  This also was something encouraged by our mother (both my twin and I were caught by this bug) - helped along by the fact that she wrote as well.  From a very early age I had visions of seeing a book of mine published.  I had dreamt of walking into a book store or into a library and seeing my own name in print.  That was my first step on the road.

You're still here?  Wow, boredom can sometimes work in my favor!.  Back to one of my favorite topics.. me!  Fast forward many years (please don't ask how many) and the varied experiences such a life will bring, and the push and drive to see that dream has finally taken root.  That is my focus, almost exclusively.  This site, my blog and various other modes of communication will track and encourage that path for me.

Dreams are dreamt to inspire and influence.

Wish me luck.

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