You know, I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 2 decades, I was around for the beginning.  I saw the BBS’s take off, I remember counting the minutes I had left to play the various ascii games.  I remember logging onto a Calgary BBS and talking to the admin Gandalf for almost the entire hour that I had a day and having him reset the time for me so that we could keep chatting.  I also saw the beginning of the ignorant side of the internet.  The spammers.  The viruses and the bugs.

Fast forward to 2013 and it makes me as disgusted now as it did back then.  I keep getting notices of new “subscribers” to the blog and every one has been spam.  I had to turn off the guest book on my site because of these idiots.  And I shake my head as much now as I did then.  Who do they think they fool with this crap?  Why don’t you find a real job and leave the rest of the world alone.  Ignorant bastards.

There, rant over.  If I ever actually find a spammer, I think I might have a difficult time not punching them in the head.  The whole concept of what they do nauseates me.

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