I had an extremely inspiring meeting yesterday with, you guessed it, a book mentor.

What’s a book mentor?  Well.. a mentor to help authors get their book(s) published ;-)

It sounds simple enough but the information and advice shared was far from it.  He was able to not only outline the challenges and hurdles that an author has to face, he also had some great recommendations on how to overcome them.  It was probably the most effective, and information, meeting like that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in.

Plus!  And this totally blew my mind, he knows, on a personal level, one of my top 10 authors!!  Small world doesn’t even compare!!

I left that meeting energized for the new steps – and with homework!  I have NEVER been excited about home work.. I was very excited when I left.  I have high hopes, and we agreed – shooting for the stars can be the most exhilarating thing to do.  And that is indeed what I’m doing.  Stay tuned.. it may get interesting…

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