New year, new posts

It has been a while, sorry about that. Life, editing and life again has kept me busy and away from here. I plan on changing that for 2013.

So what’s new since my last post?

Well I’ve had some more concept art done – 3 pieces based on 3 main characters and the actor/actress that I envision playing them.

I’ve finished writing, and editing, book one (Thank you Annetta!!!). It will be sent to my publisher this month (within 2 weeks I hope) – and should be available by the end of March or middle of April. And I can’t begin to explain how excited and awed that makes me.

I can feel book two pushing to the front of my head so I will start on that soon.


As'hame - Paul Betany

As’hame – Paul Betany

Ti'raon - Milla Jovovich

Ti’raon – Milla Jovovich

Ro'molr - Adam Baldwin

Ro’molr – Adam Baldwin

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