What a great end to a great week.  I started to reach out… and what a difference a day makes!  Someone reached out interested in talking to me about doing the cover for my novel – a deal which sounds like it’ll work great – which led me to a couple print on demand and self-publishing sites.

Then a random comment made on twitter which referenced the above led to me sending an email to Wil Wheaton who not only replied in minutes it seemed, but also had some fantastic information and advice for me.  Some of his advice led me back to google+ to update that (which I haven’t done for ages) which in turn led to a friend pointing me towards a couple more people that are involved in the publishing world.

And somehow, not sure how or where, but more people are starting to follow me and possibly know my name.  All of this makes for an awesome way to start my weekend!!

Now to finish my book!!

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