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Finally the day arrived!  I sent my manuscript to my publisher.  After almost a year of editing it was ready to go.  It should take 2-4 weeks to go through their formatting process and then it’s off to the online retailers.  That should take another 2-4 weeks.  Which means… end of April should see my first book available online.  In hardcover, paperback and ebook formats.

To say I’m excited doesn’t even come close.

Here is the book cover – I am so very happy with it.

final cover

New year, new posts

It has been a while, sorry about that. Life, editing and life again has kept me busy and away from here. I plan on changing that for 2013.

So what’s new since my last post?

Well I’ve had some more concept art done – 3 pieces based on 3 main characters and the actor/actress that I envision playing them.

I’ve finished writing, and editing, book one (Thank you Annetta!!!). It will be sent to my publisher this month (within 2 weeks I hope) – and should be available by the end of March or middle of April. And I can’t begin to explain how excited and awed that makes me.

I can feel book two pushing to the front of my head so I will start on that soon.


As'hame - Paul Betany

As’hame – Paul Betany

Ti'raon - Milla Jovovich

Ti’raon – Milla Jovovich

Ro'molr - Adam Baldwin

Ro’molr – Adam Baldwin