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Concept art

I’ve had over 20 artists contact me interested in the project.  I’ve had a couple concept art pieces already sent in.  It’s quite exciting to see my characters come to life.


Custom Newspaper Feed

this is such a cool concept… had to join.

More steps

Came closer to the styles want for the graphic novel version which is awesome. I also registered both as well as the .ca for mysteries name. Pretty stoked about that.

Book titles

Just came up with the book titles!!  Love them.


I am realizing that the editing process is much more difficult then I figured. Finding mistakes and errors in my writing is relatively easy as it turns out. But figuring out where and what to add to flesh the story out is much more difficult. Factoring that I have to literally double the size of the book completely… It’s a rather daunting task. One I’m up to of course, any that know me know that I do like to talk. But I just have to stop thinking about it too much!!

One step closer

Wow. I just got set up with a publishing company that not only automatically sets up eBook sales, but automatically distributes my book to all major retailers across the world. Will give me an editorial evaluation as well as several ‘review’ programs such as editors picks, rising star etc – ways to get my book out to people. Also threw in a booksellers return program so if I set up a deal with a physical bookstore to sell my books, they have the option to return un-sold ones to get their money back. Though lets face it, they’ll all sell ;-)

Wow.. am totally stoked!!


Hell has a new ruler and she is pissed. Demons have come raging out of Hell to corrupt and steal the souls of Man. Their goal – an Army. The target – Heaven. An order of Angels, fled from Heaven because they would not fight, are all that stands against them. Their ancient Vow to protect Man against all Evil takes on a deeper meaning than they ever expected.


I’ve been going through blogs and articles in editing and I’m starting to plan out the steps for the whole editing process. It is rather daunting now that I’m starting to plan it out. I still want to reach my goal of finishing it by my 40th but it’s definitely going to be a task and a half.

Can’t decide whether I’m looking forward to it or not lol


I did it.  I completed the first draft of book one and I still can’t believe it?


It’s rather amazing I think, a small thing in a way but a huge thing in another.  I realize I have a lot of work left to do, I have to flesh it out, almost triple the size actually, and then proof reading and of course editing.  But it’s done, the entire model, the plot and flow of the first book is there… And I love it.