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Getting so close

I am so stoked.  I finished chapter 12.  That leaves chapter 13 and 14 left.  And as I have the end of chapter 14 already written (As the tie in for the last chapter) and I know how and where it’s going… I can feel the end.

Well.. not really since after that I have the hours of editing, of proof-reading, and more editing and more editing and more editing.  I will have to approximately double the current size to get to a regular novel size.  And I know what you’re thinking, it’s not the size of the book, it’s how it’s written.  And yes that is very true, and I wouldn’t sacrifice the story for the sake of adding length to it, but a minimum length is a fact of life.  But, as any of you who know me can attest, one thing I do not have a problem with, is making a small or short story.. seem very very long… I’m part welsh and I like to talk .. it’s genetics I tell you!!

But all that aside.. did I mention I am ALMOST DONE!!  So totally floored by that fact.. me.. I have almost finished writing a book… editing needs aside, the story, from start to finish is almost done..  the rest is just filler, the over all flavor, if you will, is there.  And it tastes amazing!!


My nephew was Christened today, for which I had the extreme honor of being asked to be his godfather. I had never been to a Mass before nor a Christening so it was all very new for me. But I mixed in with the honor, the nerves and the curiosity there was a very healthy dose of ‘how can I use this in my books’. The answer is quite a bit.

It definitely gave me ideas of how to flesh out my book an add more detail to make it come alive. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes and how it changes my story.


What a great end to a great week.  I started to reach out… and what a difference a day makes!  Someone reached out interested in talking to me about doing the cover for my novel – a deal which sounds like it’ll work great – which led me to a couple print on demand and self-publishing sites.

Then a random comment made on twitter which referenced the above led to me sending an email to Wil Wheaton who not only replied in minutes it seemed, but also had some fantastic information and advice for me.  Some of his advice led me back to google+ to update that (which I haven’t done for ages) which in turn led to a friend pointing me towards a couple more people that are involved in the publishing world.

And somehow, not sure how or where, but more people are starting to follow me and possibly know my name.  All of this makes for an awesome way to start my weekend!!

Now to finish my book!!

Almost weekend

It’s almost the weekend and I have big plans.  There’s only two and a half chapters left and I’ll be done the first (very)rough draft of my first book!  Book one of my trilogy is almost complete and I think, in my not so humble opinion, that it rocks!  It’s rough sure, but it’s definitely an interesting, and unique, twist on a familiar theme.

So that is my plan for this weekend – if I can – finish those chapters.  Start February with the draft done so I can then concentrate on fleshing it out and editing it as well as looking for a graphic artist/script writer so that I can get rolling on the graphic novel adaptation of it.  It’s an exciting time for me right now.  I just hope I can keep that excitement going.


I had an extremely inspiring meeting yesterday with, you guessed it, a book mentor.

What’s a book mentor?  Well.. a mentor to help authors get their book(s) published ;-)

It sounds simple enough but the information and advice shared was far from it.  He was able to not only outline the challenges and hurdles that an author has to face, he also had some great recommendations on how to overcome them.  It was probably the most effective, and information, meeting like that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in.

Plus!  And this totally blew my mind, he knows, on a personal level, one of my top 10 authors!!  Small world doesn’t even compare!!

I left that meeting energized for the new steps – and with homework!  I have NEVER been excited about home work.. I was very excited when I left.  I have high hopes, and we agreed – shooting for the stars can be the most exhilarating thing to do.  And that is indeed what I’m doing.  Stay tuned.. it may get interesting…