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New concept piece

Thought I’d share this awesome new piece I had commissioned for me.  It’s my character Mkai based on Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus

Done by Carlos Cara

Concept art

I’ve had over 20 artists contact me interested in the project.  I’ve had a couple concept art pieces already sent in.  It’s quite exciting to see my characters come to life.


Almost weekend

It’s almost the weekend and I have big plans.  There’s only two and a half chapters left and I’ll be done the first (very)rough draft of my first book!  Book one of my trilogy is almost complete and I think, in my not so humble opinion, that it rocks!  It’s rough sure, but it’s definitely an interesting, and unique, twist on a familiar theme.

So that is my plan for this weekend – if I can – finish those chapters.  Start February with the draft done so I can then concentrate on fleshing it out and editing it as well as looking for a graphic artist/script writer so that I can get rolling on the graphic novel adaptation of it.  It’s an exciting time for me right now.  I just hope I can keep that excitement going.