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You know, I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 2 decades, I was around for the beginning.  I saw the BBS’s take off, I remember counting the minutes I had left to play the various ascii games.  I remember logging onto a Calgary BBS and talking to the admin Gandalf for almost the entire hour that I had a day and having him reset the time for me so that we could keep chatting.  I also saw the beginning of the ignorant side of the internet.  The spammers.  The viruses and the bugs.

Fast forward to 2013 and it makes me as disgusted now as it did back then.  I keep getting notices of new “subscribers” to the blog and every one has been spam.  I had to turn off the guest book on my site because of these idiots.  And I shake my head as much now as I did then.  Who do they think they fool with this crap?  Why don’t you find a real job and leave the rest of the world alone.  Ignorant bastards.

There, rant over.  If I ever actually find a spammer, I think I might have a difficult time not punching them in the head.  The whole concept of what they do nauseates me.

Getting closer

Each day bring the launch closer and closer.  My publisher sent it through their editorial evaluation and they had tons of great things to say.  Only a few minor fixes – which I sent on to my copy-editor.  She has almost completed that step – promises to have it back to me this friday.  After which it goes back to my publisher for layout etc.

Everything seems to be in step for it being sent on to the retailers the beginning of April – with luck.  It all depends on how much time layout takes.  I’m pretty excited about seeing the finalized manuscript.

More news – lets you create customized phone/tablet cases.  I picked up an iPhone 5 with my book cover but also ordered an iPad and some other phone cases – Samsung and iPhone.  I can’t wait to get them.  How cool do they look.



Samsung Epic Touch           Samsung Galaxy Note II






iPhone 4                           iPhone 5


I am realizing that the editing process is much more difficult then I figured. Finding mistakes and errors in my writing is relatively easy as it turns out. But figuring out where and what to add to flesh the story out is much more difficult. Factoring that I have to literally double the size of the book completely… It’s a rather daunting task. One I’m up to of course, any that know me know that I do like to talk. But I just have to stop thinking about it too much!!


Hell has a new ruler and she is pissed. Demons have come raging out of Hell to corrupt and steal the souls of Man. Their goal – an Army. The target – Heaven. An order of Angels, fled from Heaven because they would not fight, are all that stands against them. Their ancient Vow to protect Man against all Evil takes on a deeper meaning than they ever expected.


My nephew was Christened today, for which I had the extreme honor of being asked to be his godfather. I had never been to a Mass before nor a Christening so it was all very new for me. But I mixed in with the honor, the nerves and the curiosity there was a very healthy dose of ‘how can I use this in my books’. The answer is quite a bit.

It definitely gave me ideas of how to flesh out my book an add more detail to make it come alive. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes and how it changes my story.


What a great end to a great week.  I started to reach out… and what a difference a day makes!  Someone reached out interested in talking to me about doing the cover for my novel – a deal which sounds like it’ll work great – which led me to a couple print on demand and self-publishing sites.

Then a random comment made on twitter which referenced the above led to me sending an email to Wil Wheaton who not only replied in minutes it seemed, but also had some fantastic information and advice for me.  Some of his advice led me back to google+ to update that (which I haven’t done for ages) which in turn led to a friend pointing me towards a couple more people that are involved in the publishing world.

And somehow, not sure how or where, but more people are starting to follow me and possibly know my name.  All of this makes for an awesome way to start my weekend!!

Now to finish my book!!