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The day finally came

I finally got to hold the physical embodiment of what I’ve been working on for so long. My author proofs came yesterday and wow. I LOVE them!! It is beyond surreal to hold my book in my hands…

Book proofs

Book proofs

Custom Newspaper Feed

this is such a cool concept… had to join.

More steps

Came closer to the styles want for the graphic novel version which is awesome. I also registered both as well as the .ca for mysteries name. Pretty stoked about that.

Book titles

Just came up with the book titles!!  Love them.

One step closer

Wow. I just got set up with a publishing company that not only automatically sets up eBook sales, but automatically distributes my book to all major retailers across the world. Will give me an editorial evaluation as well as several ‘review’ programs such as editors picks, rising star etc – ways to get my book out to people. Also threw in a booksellers return program so if I set up a deal with a physical bookstore to sell my books, they have the option to return un-sold ones to get their money back. Though lets face it, they’ll all sell ;-)

Wow.. am totally stoked!!